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Woman From Rancho Cucamonga Arrested for Hitting Patrol Car

A woman was arrested late Thursday night after she rammed into a Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff’s vehicle during a high speed pursuit. The woman is identified as Mary Mitchell of Rancho Cucamonga and was booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamong on suspiction of felony evading and assault with a deadly weapon on a deputy, according to the Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff’s Department. Just after eleven at night police were called to miliken and the ten freeway to help California Highway Patrol officers who were in pursuit of a truck speeding off of the freeway. CHP officers tried to stop the driver on the ten westbound freeway but the woman kept driving. She exited the freeway and re-entered the freeway on the 15 north. Police eventually cornered the woman, but she was desperate to get away and tried to ram her way through all of the police vehicles. She was soon apprehended after that and was taken into custody where she will be facing a list of charges including assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer.


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