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Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Article.

And the biker’s family said it plans to take legal action, RANCHO CUCAMONGA— Members of a motorcycle club were outraged after one of its own was run off the road by a California Highway Patrol officer.. A video taken on Sunday shows a group of bikers stopped at a Rancho Cucamonga intersection when a person on a motorcycle passes in front of them flanked by a CHP cruiser. The camera follows the rider, and the CHP vehicle can be seen hitting the motorcycle in the distance, knocking the rider down. The group immediately begins walking towards the scene as the CHP officer detains the rider. I have it on camera!” Said the man holding the Camera, “You pushed him! You pushed him down! You slapped him down with your bike.. The officer pushes another rider with his hand as the person tries to get access to the fallen motorcycle at one point. The biker was in a pack when the officer started being aggressive towards the man. “He panicked, you know? Our brother panicked, and he got out the way and sped up, tried to get out the way, and the cop chased him,” said Figueroa. And that’s when he rammed him “We pulled up to the liquor store.” The detained man’s wife Desiree Garcia Said, “I saw my husband’s brake going on.. “It looked like he was, he was trying to pull over, and the cop just hit him out of nowhere.” “I couldn’t have lost my husband. I don’t know what I would’ve —” Garcia said before becoming visibly upset. But she knows it could have been much worse, Garcia’s husband was taken to the hospital and then taken to jail.. The group said it will be taking legal action against the CHP. “A lot of people believe that the situation could have been dealt with in a less aggressive manner; while others blamed the rider for not stopping before the situation escalated. But excused him with " He probably was unable to hear the officer because of his helmet. At last the left side of the Yamaha made contact with the patrol vehicle. An investigator has been assigned to investigate the cause of the contact between the Yahama and the patrol vehicle.” The riders were taking part in the Elite Bikers Fallen Brother Ride. The man who was knocked down was reportedly not in the same club as the person who took the video.

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